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AA Hexagonal Double Sided Belts
The hexagonal belt or double sided v belt as it is also known is a specially constructed belt, which provides wedging action from both sides of the belt.
The construction resembles two v belts bonded back to back with the tensile member running through the centre of the belts overall depth.
The range comes in AA,BB and CC sections, conforming to international standards IS 11038,ISO 5289,RMA IP 21.
They are wrapped with strong,wear resistant,bias cut,neoprene rubberized fabric.
These belts give a solution for drives incorporating multiple pulleys in a plane with different direction of rotations (sometimes known as "Serpentine" drives). Using both sides of the belt it is possible to transmit power to and from pulleys rotating in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
These belts are most commonly found on the "deck" drive of large grass cutters, but they are used in many other industrial and agricultural applications.




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